Monday, June 28, 2010

An End to a Lovely Two Week Celebration

Thanks to everyone who commented, read, wrote guests posts for Sarah and I, and wished us Happy Birthday! I appreciate it, and I'm sure Sarah does too. The contest winners will be announced on my blog at a later date.

On a slightly personal note, I am not currently where I usually am and won't be for a few more weeks. This makes it so I won't be online as much. It also makes it so there won't be as many posts on this blog as I'd hoped there would, this is do to lack of a lot of internet connection.
Hopefully, I will be back to posting reviews sometimes next week (I will hopefully have internet by then) because I have been reading and writing tons these past few days.

I don't think my posts will be drastically lacking, but if they are I wanted to let you all know that the blog is still here! It won't be stopping anytime soon, because I love reviewing too much.
If there ends up being no new posts for a few weeks, once I get back, there will most likely be a post every day for a few months.

Thanks again for everyone who participated in the Birthday palooza!