Monday, June 21, 2010

A Guest Post by Andrea Cremer

A Very Buffy Birthday

I don’t understand those folks, and there are many of them, that shy away from birthday celebrations or even grumpily ignore the joys of marking a new year in their lives. I am a huge birthday enthusiast – mostly because for me a birthday means you have a blank check to be self-centered for an entire day. My husband disagrees with this notion, but seeing as how he’s from above “anti-birthday” camp, I contend that just because he doesn’t invoke birthday privileges doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. Also, I’m a Leo. ‘Nuff said.

There’s one person, however, who despite wanting to be feted on her special day is constantly denied the joy of birthdaydom: our dear girl, Buffy. She can’t seem to gain a year without some kind of crisis. Whether it be turning her soul mate into a soulless monster or getting jilted out of an Ice Capades date with her dad.

Her luck runs so far south on the day of her birth, it even prompts Spike to ask, “Have you ever thought about not celebrating your birthday?”

Poor Buffy – you may be the Chosen One, but you can’t choose a safe way to trumpet your own naissance, which hardly seems fair.

Therefore I could grant you one of my birthday wishes it would go like this:

I wish Buffy a birthday where she doesn’t get severed arms or rocket launchers for presents

or a stolen leather jacket from her klepto kid sis.

Where she gets true love without a price

and her mentor isn’t morphed into monster.

I hope she can party down

Instead of being trapped in her own house.

That’s my Buffy birthday wish. Because while there are many times in life where I’ve thought – it would be so cool to be Buffy! I’d never, never want to be Buffy on her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Zoe!!! May your day be Buffy-Birthday-Mishap free :)