Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Guest Post by Daisy Whitney

Today is my (14th) birthday! In honor of this occasion I have one of my favorite people here with a guest post, Daisy Whitney. Enjoy!

If Life Were Like a Musical

As a lover of old Broadway, I've been known to break out in song many times throughout the day. I sing to my dog, to my kids, and yes, sometimes to the teapot. But mostly to myself.

Which is why I don't understand when people who don't like musicals criticize them on account of them not being realistic. They say "But people just don't break out in song every day."

Fine, people don't usually outrun assassins, rocket to Mars or perform spells every day either. But we still enjoy movies, books and TV shows on those topics.

Breaking out in song is actually much easier than any of the above. In fact, even the most mundane things in life can be sung about. You can break out in song any day, even an average ordinary day when all you do is walk the dog and make the toast and wait for the post....

Here we go....

Morning, I wake up I yawn once,
And it's time to walk the dog
So I say get up, dog! Get up!
But she just lies there, lies like there like a log!
A log!
A sleeping frog!
A frog on a log in a bog!
A dog log!
You're not a frog dog!
C'mon Dog!
Or we'll blog dog!
There! She's up now
A stretch, a shake, she's wide awake and FRISKY!
Oh so frisky!
Then we walk so so briskly
And you want to know the best part of the walk?
It's that the dog doesn't talk...
And she also doesn't talk back,
Oh no, she doesn't talk back,
She doesn't talk back.

Not so hard, is it? Throw in a few hip shimmies for good measure and you're getting there. Then it's time for breakfast and doesn't yummy food make you want to sing!

You might say it's just crispy bread
But toast to me is true luxury
It's warm and crunchy
And the butter oozes through
And it goes with so many other things too
Like yummy peanutbutter
And oh so luscious honey
Swirl them both together
It's almost like edible money...
(aside) But it tastes good!

Then I sort of jete over to my desk and do some work. But by mid-afternoon it's time to sing again. Because that's when the mailman comes and what promise does the mailman bring? Of that let us sing....

It's that time of day
The possibility of pay
Oh mailman, please bring me a check...

Today can only get better
If I see dollars signs in a letter
Oh mailman please bring a check

Please say you've got one today
I filed the invoice in October and now it's May!
Which means it's really time to pay, wouldn't you say?

With checks
Please checks
those lovely slips of paper
cash them into dollars
today, and not tomorrows
Oh mailman please bring me a check

But when I open the mailbox
I still can't buy new socks...
Because the mailman brought no check.....

See? Why don't you try it today? Just burst out in song and see if it doesn't make your day go better even if the checks don't come...


Thank you Daisy!

Daisy Whitney is the author of The Mockingbirds, which is coming out November 2010, you should buy it.