Power Tool Reviews Kickstart My Bookshelf

Last week, I decided to make myself a couple of new bookcases, as I literally have piles of books clogging up my office all over the place! As I said on the homepage, I’m planning to spend a lot of time on this website, covering all sorts of things from books to home improvement ideas to help you to get more out of your life, specifically within the four walls of your home.

Normally, I’d head out to IKEA to pick up some flat pack bookshelves, but his time two things stopped me. Firstly, off-the-shelf furniture is great as a quick solution, but it rarely fits well into the available space, so given I’m short on space, I really need to maximise the space on any bookshelves I build. Secondly, I want to take the concept of diving into new knowledge to heart myself, or to put it another way – make sure I practice what I preach. I don’t want to be one of those ‘Do as I say not as I do” kind of lecturers – readers really need to feel like we’re in this together. So, if a job’s worth doing properly…

I figured the best place to start was Google, the world’s biggest library. I found myself looking up the best mitre saw so that I wouldn’t find myself chopping wood with a hack saw, but know that’s what they’re called is about the limit of my knowledge. The idea here isn’t to pretend I know what I’m doing, quite the opposite! While it is a little daunting, I really do want to learn from scratch.

What I really like about reviews (it’s the same reason I set up this site, but for now lets stick to talking about the mitre saws) is that they can really help people like me to narrow down what I need, and even just go with the top recommendation. That’s exactly what I did, and am looking forward to taking delivery after reading their write up of the Evolution Rage 3+. Something I always like to see is that the top recommendations aren’t just the three most expensive products on the site. Typically, site owners get paid a percentage of what they sell, so if a site is pushing the most expensive options all the time – it’s best to head back to Google and skip to another site.

I’m looking forward to updating you on a valiant attempt to build my book storage from scratch, hopefully the result will be something I’m proud to show off, and won’t be a tongue in cheek account of a power tool induced trip to A&E after an accident with the Evolution Rage mitre saw! Either way, I’ll sign off for now, and look forward to updating you all soon.